How To Activate Barclay Aviator MasterCard – Barclaycard US Activation

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Believe me when I say, there are thousands of credit cards and debit cards available for every people. And when they get to use these card, some problems always persist. Out of all the problems, it always seems that activating your own credit card is a very huge task which needs assistance from technical people. Well, here we are. We will be talking about activating Barclay US Card / Barclay Us Aviator Mastercard via two available methods. Keep reading to find out how to activate Barclay US Credit Card via Phone Call or Online.

About Barclaycard US Aviator MasterCard

Barclay Us Advantage Aviator Red is one of the most finest card out of 24 other cards provided by the Barclay US. By using this card, you can avail many of its perks as 60,000 America Airlines AA Bonus Advantage, Free 2X AA miles per each $1 USD spent and more. Also, Barclaycard US is one of the best bank and credit card provider in the world out of other 7 competitors, which kind of makes you standing n the profitable side.

Anyways, we will be moving the topic to the main concern here. In below, I will describe the two best and easy option to activate Barclaycard US. Keep reading to know more about it.

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Methods To Activate Barclaycard US Aviator Mastercard

Method 1 – Activate Your Barclaycard US Aviator Mastercard Online

I have to say, both of the Barclaycard activation methods are hell easy to perform. Even a five yo old kid can activate them without any problem. And by the way, they don’t allow five year old kids to have their own credit card, apart than that was just a fact. The fact which matters most is that you won’t need much of a technical assistance to activate the card in both ways.

So, let’s start by rolling to method number one – Barclaycard US Activation Online.

Steps To Follow:

  • Go to the login link of Barclaycard Us Aviator Mastercard Credit Card by clicking here.
  • You will be asked to login into your credit card account. If you don’t have one, then you can also register it by there.
  • After logging in, you will see the option to activate your new credit card online.
  • You might need your legal identification proofs and credit card number etc to activate your card, so keep them handy.

Method 2 – Activate Your Barclaycard US Aviator Mastercard by Phone Call

Rather than activating your Barclaycard US online, you can also go for the card activation process which can be done by phone call. You will need just your registered phone number which is entitled with your bank account or the new credit card and a couple minute of yours to get to the activation process of Barclaycard US.

Now, you can just directly click on the below button to call the bank’s official phone number to activate your credit card. Also, don’t forget to note it down. The number to activate Barclaycard US credit card is: 0800 068 4499

   To Activate Barclaycard US Credit Card


So in this bonus part, you will know how to activate the Barclaycard US via phone apps. This method is easy to perform by both Android & iOS device users.

As you know, Barclaycard US has now launched the phone app for the android and iOS users using which the new credit card can be activated. So, grab the below links to the app stores using which you can download the app according to your respective device.

Barclaycard US App for Apple Users:

[appbox appstore 596487185]

Get The App From Google PlayStore: 

[appbox googleplay]


▶ How To Activate Barclaycard Online?

You can login to the Barclaycard’s online page using your username and password to activate your credit card. The activation process is very easy and you can get started with it instantly.


▶ How Long Does It Takes A New Barclaycard US To Arrive?

It normally takes 2 to 3 weeks for Barclaycard US to deliver your card on your doorstep. Otherwise you can go for the overnight card delivery option which will cost you just $30.


▶ Can I Apply And Get More Barclay Cards?

Yes, you can apply for more Barclaycards and activate and use them too. But, you will require some sort of activity to persuade the credit card provider company to approve your request for more Barclaycards.


▶ Do I Need to Activate My Replacement Barclaycard?

No, all the replacement cards such as Barclaycard Credit Cards, Debit Cards comes preactivated to its users which can be used instantly. You won’t need to activate them and they are instantly usable.

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Final Words

That’s it. In this guide, you learnt how to Activate and use Barclaycard US Credit & Debit cards. As you can see, the process’s are very much easy to perform and don’t cost a dime. So, if the article was helpful for activating your new credit card, please share this among your friends circle who are using a barclaycard US credit or debit cards. Also, don’t forget to comment here below if you need any kind of assistance in activating your card.

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