Activate Your Brand New Chase Card In These 3 Simple Steps

Chase Credit Card
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Among many other credit cards as options, you get to use only Chase card. Why? Because it is a very great fit for people those who want stability in their credit card usage and maintain a fine financial record. Chase Card is very much simple one to get for yourself, yet much more simple to activate too. In this tutorial, we will be talking about 3 steps using which you can activate Chase card in less than 5 mins.

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Ways To Activate Chase Card

As I said, here are total 3 ways using which you can activate your Chase Credit Card in a matter of time. It is time that we get to know what they are.

1. Chase Card Activation By Phone Call

2. Activate Your Chase Card Online

3. Chase Card Activation By Troubleshooting


Step1- Chase Card Verification & Activation By Call

When you get to activate chase card by calling a banking representative, it will be the simplest method as you will remember it. Just follow my steps to know how to activate the Chase Card by phone call.

Things To Remember:

The Chase card usually reaches its users by mail with a big envelope with the user terms and guide. Don’t keep the card way too time in the envelope. It is always recommended that you activate your Chase Credit Card as soon as possible it reaches you. When it takes longer than usual to get the card activate, the bank cancels the card suspecting it is stolen or reached wrong person.

  • Take out your card out of the envelopment. You will notice that there is a sticker attached to the front side of the card. Do not remove the sticker until the card is activated.


  • The bank’s helpline number for Chase Card Activation will be given on the back side out there. You have to call the number from your home number which you have registered the Chase Credit Card with.


  • After calling, the bank will process a little information and the phone number you are calling from to avoid fraudsters.


  • Now, after calling, you have to dial or say your credit card number which is up for activation. After then, you will also be requested to put your personal informations for verification purpose to the bank. This informations may include personal security questions (such as what is your pet dog’s name ), date of birth, social security number etc.


  • After activation when asked, say whether you would like Chase to activate 5% cashback bonus for the current quarter. Just mention Yes or No, and the representative will follow your wish.


  • Voila. The card is finally active. Usually Chase Credit cards get active right after the call. Now, you can finally remove the front sticker and use your new Chase Credit Card. Don’t forget to sign on your credit card on the signature spot, otherwise it won’t work.


Step2 – Chase Verify card and Activation Online

If the Chase Credit Card activation doesn’t works in the phone call way, there are still 2 more methods to come. Here is the Chase Card activation method which can be done online, and is still so easy to perform.

  • To activate your chase card online, go to the link given on the back of your credit card for activation. Or your can go the activation by following this link here : Chase Card Activation Page.


  • Do you have an Chase account for online use? If yes, sign in to the website by using your chase username and password. Otherwise, you can sign up for a new online Chase account and sign in by using it.


  • After you have logged in to the Chase website’s dashboard, go to the My Accounts section. There you will see all the credit cards used by you.


  • Now you can simply choose the credit credit card, select it and click on the Activate Credit Card button. That particular Chase Credit Card will be ready to use soon after.


  • Now the card is active, you can also activate extra perks by going to the Cards Benefit page. You will see all the benefit offers you are eligible for and can activate them for yourself. Don’t forget to sign at the back of your card otherwise it won’t work.


Step3 – Troubleshooting Your Chase Card Activation

If activating your Chase Card is not successful by using any of the above 2 methods, you can always try the troubleshooting. Here are some of the basic troubleshooting methods which you should use right after, if the card is not activated.

  • Try Calling Back Again From The Registered Number – Try again calling back from your registered number or home number. There will be a 40-50% chance that your call was not connected to the right helpline number, and in this case you should try calling back again in the helpline number. Most of the time, bank flags all the cards if the users don’t call from the registered number. So tread carefully by using the right number.


  • Try Calling Customer Service – There will be a separate customer service number given back on your card. In case the card is not even activated after you have contacted the first number, try dialing the customer care number.


  • Secure Message Through Your Chase Account – There is an option in your online Chase Account from where you can send a secured message to the bank authorities saying that your card in not activated yet. To do so, go to Your Chase Account > Menu > Secure Messages > Compose Message.


  • Visit Your Bank – After all these methods if you card doesn’t gets activated, the last thing you can do is visit your bank. There sure will be a solution to your problem as every person in the bank can get help for you to activate your Chase Credit card.

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Final Words

That’s it. Mind to tell us which of the following methods helped you to activate your new Chase Credit Card? Please let us know by the comments about the working method. Also, don’t forget to share this article with your friends or families who are finding it hard to activate a new Chase Credit Card. Cheers.

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