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The birth and growth of the Bank over a comparatively short period of 50 years can be attributed mainly to the desire to meet the needs of the business community in general and small retailers in particular, encouraging the community to save and channel these savings for productive purposes Leading to economic progress and prosperity of the community. Over time and with increasing strength and stability, the Bank extended its wings to other areas such as the financing of Small Scale Industries, large industries, professionals, private individuals for durable consumer goods, resident Indians. Our motto is "CUSTOMER SERVICE" and therefore total customer satisfaction and our goal is BETTER to BEST.The Ahmedabad Mercantile Cooperative. Bank Ltd., established in 1966, popularly known as "AMCO BANK" began its banking activity under the leadership of Shri Mohanbhai C. Patel with a branch in Relief Road, Ahmedabad in the state of Gujarat, India

CHAIRMAN:    Shri Bhanuprasad Govindlal Patel 

At the Ahmedabad Mercantile Cooperative. Bank Ltd., there are some core values that we bring to work every day. Cooperative banking has played a distinct and significant role in the process of socio-economic development in the region and throughout the country.
We thank all our customers (Depositors, Shareholders and Borrowers) for their support and trust shown by them in us.
Our Bank is fully qualified in Banca Core Solutions in all our branches. We are already in the ANY BRANCH transaction system. We thank all those who are directly or indirectly connected with our Bank