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It all started with the Swiss railways in 1856, when the country needed to finance the expansion of its network and Credit Suisse, (Schweizerische Kreditanstalt), was founded. The bank has since become an integrated bank operating in more than 50 countries around the world.

"Alfred Escher" not only founded Credit Suisse, but also the federal polytechnical school ETH Zurich, the insurer Swiss Life and the Northeastern Railway

On July 5, 1856, prominent politician, business leader and pioneer Alfred Escher founded the Kreditanstalt Schweizerische. The original aim of the new bank was to finance the expansion of the rail network (eg the Nordostbahn / North-East railway) as well as greater industrialization in Switzerland. The foundation of the company was a great success: an initial action was issued for a value of three million francs, but in only three days the total value of the subscriptions amounted to 218 million francs.On the one hand, this was achieved through strong organic growth, but was also complemented by a series of significant mergers and acquisitions. This implied the amalgamation of cultures, philosophies and very different fields of specialized knowledge to create a strong and integrated bank.

CHAIRMAN: Urs Rohner