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In 1971, the Government of Maharashtra got all the agricultural lands of 68 villages of the belt Thein- Belapur in Thane district of Maharashtra, in order to establish a new city, the "New Bombay." Get on the ground of the new project Bombay mean depriving thousands of people of their means of subsistence. Although the government was paying them money as compensation, but they were separated from their lands, and the only way of life for them.

To provide the affected individuals and their families with the strength and ability to survive with new ways of urban living, it was necessary to provide them with financial assistance. In order to provide financial assistance, and the generation of jobs and livelihoods, Shri.Gopinathdada late Hevram Patil along with a group of young people from the village took Kalwa Cooperativa bank training initiative Urbano. This group of young people were able to successful Consumer Cooperative Association, which named "Kalwa Consumer Cooperative Society." This group was fascinated by young people in the west of their study trip Maharashtra to study cooperation by the network and the growth of cooperatives and the role played by cooperative banks in urban areas in the development of that region.

The record of "Parsik Janata Sahakari Bank Ltd." Was approved by the Cooperative Department in April 1972, with the registration number TNA / BNK / 160 dated April 24, 1972. The first branch in Kalwa Naka was inaugurated on May 21, 1972. The bank Was named as "Parsik" because the bank's active jurisdiction was the area on the west side of Parsik Hill, which ranks from Kalwa to Belapur (the famous Parsik railway tunnel is in the same range). The Bank reached the status of "Scheduled Bank" on January 30, 1998.

CHAIRMAN: Mr. Ranjit Gopinath Patil