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In the year 1970-71 period was favorable for the opening of the Co-operative Urban Banks. This was a good place for these veterans to bring their dream of establishing the bank to reality.

After several discussions between the various social activists of Hadapsar (such as Hon. (Last) Shri. Da alias Mama Hajare, Honorable Shri. Devramji Abnave, Hon. Shri. Madhukarraoji Temgire etc.) and the then Prant Pracharak Hon. ) Shri. Babarao Bhide, it was decided to establish the Bank in the cooperative sector.

After rigorous compliance, the Reserve Bank of India granted permission to open the Bank. The name "Janaseva" came after considering various names such as Bank Hadapsar Janata, Bank Janalaxmi, Bank Bhagyalaxmi, etc. The Bank was formally established under the name "Janaseva Sahakari Bank Ltd. Pune" on the auspicious day of Dussera on October 24, 1972 (with an initially disbursed capital of Rs 56,000 / -) and later opened on November 7, 1972 by The auspicious hands of the then mayor of the city of Pune Shri. Nilubhau Limaye. The bank started working from, Gandhi Chowk, Hadapsar in a very small property owned by Shri. Laxminarayan Mundada with office area of ​​only 160 feet.

CHAIRMAN: Mr.Pradeep Jagtap