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Ichalkaranji, once a small capital city "Jahagir", ruled by His Highness, late Narayanrao Babasaheb Ghorpade, had a rare virtue of "seeing the afterlife." He cherished a dream to see that the princely little town gains eminence and prosperity by fostering "commerce and industry." Because of his benevolence and untiring zeal towards this goal, he could turn his dream into reality. In this effort, he was really lucky to have the unstinted cooperation of the dedicated and disciplined team of men, both small and large. Through his untiring efforts and the constant encouragement of Late Babasaheb, Ichalkaranji, today enjoys a pride of place as "Manchester of Maharashtra", a broad spectrum center of industry and commerce alike.

By accelerating the pace of industrial growth and the development of Ichalkaranji, the spirit in movement and source of inspiration behind was Late Dattajirao Kadam with his team of colleagues sharing their co mission. Operative in the fifties founded a chain of co. In Ichalkaranji. Anna's only late achievement was that Kadam gave a broader base to the co. Operative, extending it to the agro-based industry. His one of the points of reference, is the foundation of the Ichalkaranji Janata Sahakari Bank Ltd. In this effort, he was assisted, among others, by his young disciples devout and disciplined Shri. Kallappanna Awade and the last Shankarrao Hupare. Both were aware of the brevity of their only crusade in the contest of the growing needs of the people.
This partnership was registered on November 5, 1962 and began its financial operations on February 7, 1963. Taking into account efficient operations, the Reserve Bank of India does not hesitate to grant the bank, to operate as a bank and to grant A bank license such as Urban Co. operative Bank, in April 1982. ICHALKARANJI JANATA SAHAKARI BANK LTD. ICHALKARANJI started as "KALLAPPANNA AWADE ICHALKARANJI JANATA SAHAKARI BANK LTD". ICHALKARANJI ON 21 aug in the year 2007.Also the bank has been programmed that we would have 29.1.2000. This speaks for itself of the completion of the bank, and reflects the quality of management and the Board. It was natural that, the bank's operations in the beginning were on a limited scale with financial restrictions of funds flowing from the public. However, soon, through sustained efforts to collect deposits from the public through innovative and attractive deposit systems, the bank kitten began to grow. Therefore, the bank could provide financial assistance to a wider range of small and needy entrepreneurs. This strengthened the confidence of the people and more and more cooperative institutions became valuable clients of the bank. At that time, the traditional loom industry was making way for the electric loom as a necessity of time. The bank is proud to say that it could make small power plant owners forced to work because of lack of working capital, they could become self-sufficient producers with their own looms.
Since the bank is the vital element of the economic activity of industry and commerce, especially of weaker sectors among them, it was and has been the cardinal policy of the Bureau to help the industry, taking into account national growth. Due to a well thought out policy and through its implementation, the bank in all humiliation can proudly claim its participation in the promotion and establishment of small power plant owners and auxiliary industry. As such, we test the "Bank weaving the minds of Humanity".

CHAIRMAN:  Kallappanna Awade