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The bank had a very humble but inspiring beginning on December 5, 1970. The Bank is a professionally managed "Financial Institution" as a benchmark for transparency, credibility and innovation.

The Bank is founded by the last Shri Baldevbhai Dosabhai Patel, the last Shri Gopaldas Shivlal Patel and Shri Arvindbhai Jivanlal Saheba. The Bank has nurtured its traditional values ​​in business practices and service to small entrepreneurs. These were people with deep and enduring ideas, faith, vision, optimism, and entrepreneurial skills with a commendable sense of service and duty.

The dynamism infused by the Board of Directors, the affectionate loyalty of customers and the devotion of staff members has created the solid foundation of The Kalupur Commercial Co-operative Bank Ltd and has emerged into leading Multi-Sate scheduled Co -operative Bank in the country.

The Bank has adopted new technologies and advanced banking tools to add value to its services. The Kalupur Bank has earned a name in the cooperative banking sector because of its rich heritage, integrity and adherence to banking practices, technological advances and more customized products and services.

The Kalupur Bank believes that "Customer Delight" is the ultimate goal and has a strong belief that customers and all shareholders, unconditional support, absolute faith and their patronage, coupled with the hard work of staff members has been Largely responsible for its remarkable and appreciable growth. The Kalupur Bank is committed to providing banking services quickly, comfortably and comfortably. Kalupur Bank has a visionary growth plan focusing on all business strategies.

CHAIRMAN: Shri Navnitbhai Chimanlal Patel