Jan 20, 2020 351


First bank in Ahmednagar district to receive Multi-State Urban Co-operative Bank status.The bank with CORE bank facility. Extended business hours for gold loans and extended cash hours. Our motto - "A family ........ A bank" Strong capital ratio to Risk of Risk (CRAR) 15.28% (minimum proportion stipulated: 9%) Dress code for Bank staff. Organization of Client Meetings at the branch level to inform clients about the Bank's various schemes. Cleaning and decoration of the patio of the main branch of the Bank. Supply and fixing of pavement blocks in the yard and beautification of the premises. Ceremony to raise the flag at the hands of the honorable members of the Bank on the occasion of Independence Day, Republic Day and Maharashtra Day. Organization of series of conferences on different topics in the interest of the development of society in collaboration with ashram Vanvasi Kalyan. Good productivity of the staff. Net profit: Rs. 8.10 crores. Net working class: 47 Total Depositors: 2, 09.318. Total borrowers: 62,226.

CHAIRMAN: Shri. Dilip Gandhi