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The Co-operative Bank of Punjab and Maharashtra is a Multi-State Co-operative Bank with its area of ​​operation in the states of Maharashtra, Delhi, Karnataka, Goa, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. The Bank's humble beginnings were Made in a Small room in Sion, on 13 February 1984 as a single branch of the Bank. Over a span of 31 years, the Bank has an extensive network of 111 branches in five states.

The Bank is among the 10 largest cooperative banks in the country. The Bank was conferred with the State Programmed by the Reserve Bank of India in 2000. It is the youngest Bank to achieve the status of "Scheduled Bank". The Multistate State was granted to the Bank by the Central Registrar in 2004. The Bank thus entered the National Platform. The Bank received the Category I License from the Dealer Authorized by the Reserve Bank of India for the Forex business in 2011.



CHAIRMAN: S. Charanjit Chadha