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Rajkot Nagarik Sahakari Bank LTD is a leading cooperative bank in the state of Gujarat, India. The bank was established on October 5, 1953 with a small capital of Rs. 4890 and membership of 59 people under the leadership of late Keshavlal Amrutlal Parekh as president, and last Janmashankar Antani as MD Bank has made huge and real progress, bank made pride of saurashtra region and reached new heights in the banking As well as Operational Co. of the sector under the leadership of the ex- President Late Shri Arvindbhai Maniar. Over the past few years the Bank has played a vital and leading role in the development of Rajkot City's industries, business and economy, the development and nursing of the cooperative movement in the Saurashtra region of Gujarat state. Bank was the first cooperative institute to begin operating in the former state of Saurashtra. Bank was opened by "SAHAKAR MAHARSHI" late Shri Vaikunthbhai Metha. Bank has developed into multiple over time.

The number of members (holder of the stock) of the bank is increasing towards 2,50,000 which is a record by itself and provides an example of how a mass movement can become the instrument for social lifting. Today Bank has more than 7,20,000 deposit accounts with a deposit base of 2132.73+ Crores, and 40,000 + Establishments / Individuals enjoy the installation of Rs 1494.07 + Crores de Avances. From the beginning of the bank was guided by people with vision and vision, which includes names such as Shri Keshubhai Patel, Shri Vajubhai Vala .Being in the sector With a vision of current and future trends, the Bank initiated automation and modernization in 1987 and in 1995 all branches were computerized. The bank is enjoying the status of the TIMBER BANK since 1989. In 2001 the bank was registered UNDER THE LAW OF THE MULTI-STATE COOPERATIVE SOCIETY. With this bank it has opened a branch in Mumbai, economic capital of India and becomes the COOPERATIVE BANK of the MULTI- PROGRAM.

CHAIRMAN:Shri Nalinbhai Vasa