RBL Bank Limited

Jan 20, 2020 351


 RBL Bank Limited  is formerly known as limited Ratnakar Bank) it is a commercial bank to be based in the region Kolhapur in Maharashtra. Founded in August 1943, RBL is one of the oldest private sector banks in India. The Bank currently services nearly 19,00,000 customers and total business volume of more than Rs. 45,000 crore. It offers a range of banking products and services classified to a large extent in five segments - Corporate and Institutional Banking, Commercial Banking, Retail Banking, and agricultural development of the banking and financial sector Markets.

As of July 2015, has been ICRA affirmed the rating of [ICRA] A1 + Rs 2250 crore (enhanced from Rs. 0.1500 crore) and bank deposit certificates program of wearable. It has also confirmed the assessment of [ICRA] MAA- with a stable program of fixed deposits and assess the expectations of [ICRA] A1 + program and short-term deposits fixed bank.In August 1943, the bank has merged wearable as a small, regional bank in the state of Maharashtra, with two branches in Kolhapur and a Senegalese. Founded by a group of prominent merchants to meet the needs of small and medium business national figures in Kolhapur belt-Senegalese. In August 1959, was rated the bank as a "Commercial Bank scheduled" within the meaning of the Reserve Bank Act of India, 1934 in the banking community, and the Bank of wearable often known as the Bank of NH4, because the majority of its sources of cities in and around -1 235 kilometers long National Highway 4, which are related to four of the 10 most populous cities in India.

In July 2010, the bank underwent a wearable shift during the difficult economic period in the wake of the global financial crisis as well as the economic slowdown that followed in India. Bank introduced Mr. Ahuja Vishwavir as Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of the institution to convert the old private sector banks to the vibrant, judged professionally managed bank and a new era with a high degree of professionalism and competitiveness, the size and scale.

West also renovated by the administration to include them professionals from the banking and financial services, agriculture and other related fields. Since then, wearable institutional capital raised high quality of investors mention this HDFC Ltd, Gaia Capital, Norwest projects, including the Group, Aditya Birla Private Equity, the fund spices IDFC, Ascent Capital, among others. Rs Bank has lifted. 700 credit hours. 2011, Rs. 376 Cr. In 2013, Rs. 328 credit hours. In April 2014 and has succeeded in collecting Rs. 488 credit hours. As a pre-IPO preferential status of many local and international investors to increase its capital Tier 1 to meet future financial needs of the bank today, the Bank RBL is one of the fastest growing private banks to India sector within the past 4 years.



MD: Vishwavir Ahuja