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Sberbank is the largest bank in Russia and Eastern Europe, and offers a full range of banking services, including savings and lending and investment. Dating back to Tsar Nicholas I, who founded the first savings bank in Russia in 1841. developed and savings banks under the control of the People's Commissariat of Finance in 1929, but the recession of Retail Banking of had a few people any money to deposit. In 1963, he was transferred savings banks in the state bank, Gosbank, which mainly operates as a central bank, as well as a commercial one.

Once perestroika came in the 1980s, led by economic restructuring to increase deposits in the savings banks. Sberbank was created officially in 1988 through the re-organization of the banking system. Gosbank became a central regulatory institution was formed five other banks, each with their own specialty. Sberbank was responsible for saving and loans to citizens and workers system. In 1991, banks have been privatized and the organization as a shareholding company, but the Russian central bank acquired a majority stake by 1993.



CHAIRMAN: Herman Gref