Jan 20, 2020 351


It is a story that goes to the roots of our identity: the entrepreneurial spirit of our founders, spirit of innovation and team spirit are what drive us to continue your journey with the same enterprising energy. Our history is first and foremost a journey of entrepreneurs who serve other entrepreneurs. Founded by a group of industrialists and financiers driven by the ideals of progress, the mission of Societe Generale has always been "to foster business and industrial growth".

Throughout history, Societe Generale has shown that it can remain faithful to its values while continuously reinventing itself for the changing needs of its time. In tracing our roots, we look to the future with the humility of those who have done so through the difficult times and the optimism of those who will always be guided by the entrepreneurial spirit, making Société Générale the bank of the 21st century.

Chairman: Lorenzo Bini Smaghi