Jan 21, 2020 351


 A Leading Cooperative Bank of Surat will complete four decades of its services to the people of Surat City / District. And it is said that "Real life begins after the forties." On July 29, 1972, a seed of a good and efficient Cooperative Bank was shown, which has grown into a huge banyan tree. Our Bank has an enviable 40 year heritage. Established on the principles of "Socialism" (Samajwad), this Bank has served the Society in general. The disinterested devotion of the pioneers of this Bank with their vital efforts inspired their successor-directors to dedicate themselves to continuing disinterested services to society.

Taking into account the values ​​of self-responsibility, democracy and equality, the whole past as well as the current directors, with their unlimited enthusiasm and courage, with their untiring zeal and patience, with their practical wisdom and sagacity in their untiring Efforts in the cause of Banking and Services of the People of Surat and for their economic growth. This bank had the leaders of pioneers and former presidents, such as Late Shri Jayantilal B. Chokhawala (the founding president of this Bank and a leading personality of Surat City) and also as late Shri Vasantlal M. Dalal (Founder Vice-President of This Bank And then became the President, a renowned, efficient and prominent lawyer, practicing both on the Civil and Labor side, a think tank of "Samajwad", always thinking about the poor and working people who served for some 27 years. The Bank) and many others, led this Bank to venture to venture and change fortunes of many people with their smiling faces from success to success.

 This bank has Net 'Zero' N.P.A. Since many years. He has also won an award from the Federation of Gujarat Urban Cooperative Banks as zero N.P.A. Bank. This Bank has achieved many goals and has received many awards and prizes from Surat Jilla Sahkari Sangh and South Gujarat Co-op. Association of Banks (SCOBA).

Today this Bank is providing services to the people of Surat with respect to all types of banking services. This bank has a total of 8 branches with an efficient and more cooperative staff of 132 people.

CHAIRMAN: Shri Devangbhai P. Choksi