Jan 21, 2020 351


The Bank Limited grand Bombay Cooperative, more known as the big bank, its humble beginnings, since more than five decades, in the December 10, 1952, when she met a small group of benefactors for the establishment of the bank. Although the founders are pursuing their own interests, they decided to establish a bank with the sole motto is to serve the community as a whole. To this end, it has introduced an attractive deposit and loans related to age systems. The Bank mark for itself with a high quality of service, which mainly led to a number of clients of the bank. After reaching the status of decision Bank in 1996, Bank of Bombay major cooperative has been making giant strides in attracting clients from the lower, middle and upper classes. This speaks volumes about the faith and trust placed in the bank by the public.

The bank has achieved great success in the cooperative banking sector, especially in recent years, due to the different objectives, strategic business plan, and continuous monitoring and exchange of successes with the staff involved. The good corporate governance and a commitment to the Board of Directors with great interest in the basic welfare bank in Greater Bombay Co-operative Bank to higher levels.

Business combination crossed Rs. 3000 cr. During the financial year 2015-16, deposits reached Rs. 1766 cr rupees while progress. 1247 cr. The total investment of Rs. 659 cr. Bank maintained the credit-to-deposit ratio of 68%. Bank CASA ratio improved to 31.3%. Net interest margin (NIM) also improved to 3.37%. The bank has also maintained CRAR of 13.36% against the RBI requirement of at least 9%.


CHAIRMAN: Shri Narendrakumar A. Baldota