Jan 21, 2020 351


The branches of Hasti Bank Coop LTD strive to provide all the necessary services that are available in the central location of the bank. For any bank or financial institution to survive, it is essential that you extend your reach to as many cities as possible. To cope with the growing number of clients, having Hasti Co-Op Bank branches in dondaicha is an attempt to reach their clients located in dondaicha. Similar expansion in other cities has resulted in many bank branches scattered throughout the country. It is difficult to keep details of each branch. As a solution to this, all the branches of Hasti Co Op Bank in dondaicha are listed on the branch of bank inside. We need to approach a Hasti Bank branch to perform various transactions such as depositing or withdrawing, applying for a loan, verifying codes for online transfers, asking about the settlement of checks, asking about new services, etc. But it is not practically feasible to visit the head office every time. This gave rise to the concept of banking.

CHAIRMAN: Shri.Kantilal Hastimal Jai