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It came into existence in the March 17, 1920 (License No. RPCD.09 / 2009-10). The integration of the banking union and Indora 2ND branch of the bank opened in Nurpur in the banking Union Palampur Jan'1956 were merged and 3 branch of the bank opened in Palampur in the banking Union Nanaon Jan'1957 were merged and 4th branch of the bank opened in Hamirpur in the bank suffered Oct'1958 losses due to the division in 1947 to the tune of Rs.10.64 LAX in March 1962, was awarded the bank suffers a setback division Rs.4.09 Lax by the government.

The government has also provided interest free loans on relief Rs.3.98 Lax Indian government loan of Rs.4.97 for X @ 3.87% in 1962 from 1971 to 1972 in the Bank's income in deposit mobilization scheme of the Pong Dam area strongly and to secure the maximum share of the deposit and bank deposits rose from Rs. . 256 X in 1971-1972 to Rs. 1054 Lax in 1973-1974.


CHAIRMAN: Shri Jagdish Sapehia