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The District of Mumbai Co-operative Bank Ltd. is a central funding agency of all affiliated cooperative societies in the district of Mumbai, popularly known as "MUMBAI BANK" and is registered under MCS Act in 1974 and began operating in 12 Feb.1975. Since there is no agricultural production in this District, MUMBAI BANK addresses the financial needs of non-agricultural cooperative societies such as the urban cooperative. Banks, Urban cooperative. Credit societies, Employee cooperatives. Credit societies, Housing cooperatives. Societies, Co-op. Consumer stores, industrial, fishing and labor cooperatives. Societies etc.

In India, an integral part of the policies formed by the cooperative movement focuses on the development of the country, the rise of the poor and the propagation of the principles that represent the very sociocultural ethos of the country. The cooperative movement has allowed us to develop the economy and bring about social change in general. The success of the cooperative depends to a large extent on its ability to meet the challenges by turning these challenges into opportunities for growth and development in the rapidly changing and liberalized economic era. The Indian cooperative movement is until now the largest movement in the world. In India, cooperatives operate in almost all major sectors, such as agriculture, agro-industry, fertilizers, marketing, credit, dairies, spinning, manual and handicrafts, sugar, fisheries, banking , etc.


CHAIRMAN:  Mr. Pravin Y. Darekar(MLC)