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Established Bank Limited Pandharpur Urban Cooperative Bank Pandharpur in the November 19, 1912 by a group of people committed to a social issue, with the aim of providing the financial needs of the poor and lower class people.

In the cage. Movement is the backbone of rural economic development in India. Hit the popular movement in the state of Maharashtra in the first decade of this century and then flourished. Condemnation inspired by these principles clearly realized in early 1912 in the form of a new project now familiar with all the name of "PANDHARPUR urban CO-OP. BANK LTD .. As was usual at the beginning and the pace of progress is slow but steady, and the field of activity was limited and it was al-Qaida cash is much less than needed. since the independence of the bank with his plans and customers, and the ability, and the ability to cooperate and combine all of the mass and momentum. we are a leader in this area in the Solapur district efforts. there is a small movement seed, has grown to become the banyan tree.

The town is conceived by Pandharpur on the right bank of the River "Bhima ''. There is a constant flow of thousand of worshipers in the warkaris. We are proud of the fact that we also are located in this city in particular, so that a continuous flow of people give us a chance to awaken their economic needs. The blessing of" VITHOBA. "We who opened accounts in 1912 with 45 members and deposited Rs.957 / - only have after a century of fruitful existence, has reached record mark of 39144 membrs, 19 branches and boxes work crore Rs.852.34.

Our bank is the common man, for the common man and ordinary citizen. We had in the light of those schemes that have benefited from it more like cottage industries and small industries. With the introduction of 20-point program, the bank made more financial aid available to priority and slide the weakest in society, and there are those who promote its welfare activities.


CHAIRMAN: Mr. Prashant Prabhakar Paricharak