Jan 20, 2020 351


Founded in 1984, this unique financial institution is built on the pillars of frugality, camaraderie, character, accommodation and selfless service of all individuals and organizations who wish to help themselves and the cross-section of society for their progress. We see ourselves as a family of honest, loyal and committed professionals, harmoniously employing technology, innovation and human touch to achieve customer satisfaction and goodwill are the cornerstones of our success and focus on all our efforts.

The prosperity of our customers is the engine of our success and you will find in us a fast, timely, flexible, cooperative and competitive partner in your progress. We will reach out to our customers anywhere and anytime to make their deals with us a pleasure. We will give you a warm welcome in our aesthetic environment or we will take our services to your doors. We are committed to accessibility, simplicity and transparency in our dealings with all our stakeholders and will be a temple of your trust.

We will use the participation of our employees and the sense of unity to generate high levels of teamwork, efficiency, excellence and profits. We will mobilize aggressively, invest wisely, pay wisely, recover effortlessly, reduce costs and create a learning organization that offers products and services in tune with and ahead of time.


CHAIRMAN:  Hemant Mhatre