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Vijaya Bank was established by a group of farmers in the October 23, 1931 in Mangalore in Dakshina Kannada district of Karnataka. Since its inception on the auspicious Vijayadashami, it was named "Vijaya Bank."

The birth of Vijaya Bank was preceded in 1931 by the economic chaos that has been created from the Great Depression of 1927-1930. The global economic recession, a severe impact on the Indian economy and financial system. Moved from the deplorable conditions of the farmers, Shri Attavara Balakrishna Shetty was determined to put some institutional treatment to eliminate their suffering. Approached Shri AB Shetty headbutt figures leading to the start of the bank to provide credit facilities at a lower rate of interest to enable farmers to cultivate their land and prevent them from falling into the clutches of moneylenders.

Accordingly, Shri AB Shetty 14 Bunts involved Vijaya Bank, established on October 23, 1931. At first he was the head of the bank's authorized capital of Rs. 5 lakh and an issued capital of Rs company. 2 lakh. The paid-up capital of Rs. 8670.

MD: Shri. Kishore Kumar Sansi