Abhyudaya Cooperative Bank Limited, Gujarat Information

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A dedicated group of social workers and labor movement activists, fertilised with the spirit of service to the cause of mill workers, other industrial sectors and until now neglected economically weaker society began Abhyudaya Co-op. Credit Society Ltd. in 1964, with a small share capital of Rs. 5,000. The Kalachowki, Sewri, Parel and surrounding areas were predominantly populated by low-income industrial laborers and lower middle class people at that time. In a short time Abhyudaya Co-op. Credit Society became an Urban Cooperative. Bank. Finally in June 1965, Abhyudaya Co-op. Bank Ltd. was established with the motto of "Prosperity through cooperation".


The aspiration of our Bank to excellence in all directions will be driven by the VISION that provides a global inspiration, the VALUES that serve to guide teaching and action, the VITALITY that embarks on the formation and execution of the strategy. The immense potential of our Bank will materialize through the distinctive amalgam of "Vision, Values and Vitality".

Work continuously on the synergy between technology, systems and human resources to provide products and services that meet the quality, performance and aspirations of the vast clientele and maintain the highest standards of ethics and social responsibility, constantly innovate products And processes and develop teams that Maintain the momentum that will lead the Bank to excellence.


CHAIRMAN: Sitaram C. Ghandat

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