credit card it is a small plastic card i.e same size as ATM cards and other payment cards like debit cards.Credit cards are issued by a bank to the customers(card holders) and allowing the holders to purchase goods and services based on trust that the user can pay the payment in the future on the base of credit card.In addition to the main credit card number, credit cards also have issue and expiration dates as well as additional codes such as issue numbers and security codes. Not all credit cards have the same sets of additional codes or use the same number of digits.Just follow the below procedure
Here are the few steps to apply credit card in SBI(State Bank Of India):

Step 1: To apply credit card first Go to the Sbicard website there you see credit cards option tap/click on it.
step 2: SBI offers a wide range of credit card collections. Here you can choose a card that needs you.If you are unable to choose a card you can use "Help me" to find a card option then SBI will suggest a card for you.
step 3: You can also use compare cards option here you can compare up to four cards at once.
step 4: There are different card options if you are shopholic or traveller you can choose different card.These cards will offer high rewards points and may give offers on movies etc.., only the partners of SBI will provide this offers.Here are the few companies that partner with SBI are FBB,BigBazar,Air India etc.. and SBI also offers "student plus Advantage card"For education loan customers.To apply these you may visit your nearest SBI banks to apply for cards.
step 5: If you need to apply credit card with more basics and low cost and good options you can apply classic credit card.Classic cards may have only few/less requirements to apply.whatever they may also offer few benefits and rewards.

To apply credit card you need to have personal information and govt id proof like:

DOB(date of birth):
email address:
PAN number:
Mobile number:

You'll also need any one of the govt ID proofs: passport, voter ID, license, PAN card, UID Aadhar Number.The above details are mandatory to apply credit card in any bank and you may also need professional information the name of your company,Address, the industry field in which you work, your position, and the number of years you’ve been employed at the company.after collecting all the info you need look on the SBI website for a link to apply for a credit card.You can apply the cards directly online by clicking on “Apply Now” button for the card you have choosen.Or else you can simply click on the “Apply Online” next to the “Home” in the center of the homepage.The best way to apply credit card is online applications only have to fill two pages of information and give your details which are required after that look out of terms and conditions if your are ok click on i agree the terms and conditions.Then submit the application don't go back while processing the application.Then to get card you need to give the details of cardholder name,SBI credit card online application form,cardnumber and you need to fill the payment form.These are the easy steps to apply credit card to get more updates just follow our site...