Total 81 Lakh Aadhar cards were deactivated recently by the central government. These Aadhar cards were suspended due to number of reasons. These are said to be stated in the section 27 and 28 of Aadhar life cycle Management guideline. As per the provisions of section 27 and 28 a person’s Aadhar card number can be deactivated if there are multiple holders under the same details or if there are any unauthorised biometric data or documents. Every individual gets a time slot of two years to update there Aadhar card details, and if they fail to update it will lead to cancellation or deactivation of the card.

SO CHECK WHETHER YOUR AADHAR CARD IS VALID OR NOT.  Below are the simple steps to check 

  1.  Any one who wants to check have to log in to and then click on verify Aadhaar Number tab which is under the purple Aadhaar Services section.



2. Once you click on the tab it will redirect you to another page where in it will prompt you to enter your Aadhaar card number and security code. Then click on verify.

3. If your Aadhaar card is valid and active then the last page will show as active with all your personal information.




4. But on the other side if its showing as inactive you need to update and submit all the required documents and fill in the Aadhaar update form and also biometrics will also be verified. The biometric will only be updated if the old biometrics details match your new ones. And there is also a fee of 25 Rupees.

5. The documents required for updating the Aadhaar card are

a) Government ID Proof ( PAN card, Driving license, Voter id card)

b) Birth Certificate (SSC Certificate, Passport)

c) Residential Proof (Bank Statement, Passport, Ration Card, Water Bill)

d) Proof of Relationship (Passport, PDS card, Pension Card, Marriage certificate)