The numbers of ATM fraud have become a regular issues now a days and has also increased. After the demonetization such tendencies have seen a spike. State bank of India has discontinued sending printed personal identification number (Pin) for all types of personalized ATM card issued after November 2016. Changing a debit card pin number issued by State bank of India is quite easy. There is no need to visit the branch because the pin change can be done at the ATM Machines itself.

To change the pin number of SBI ATM Card the customer has to only use SBI ATM Machine. Money withdrawal is possible from any other bank ATM Machine. Pin changing is only possible in the SBI machines. Following are the steps to be followed for pin changing

1: First customer needs to insert the card in the ATM Machine. Wait until the machine accepts the card and ask for the pin number.

2: It will prompt you to choose your desired language to continue.


3: Then it will ask to enter the pin.

 4: Next there will be a screen with different options to choose from, So here banking is the option to be chosen.

5: Once the banking option is chosen there would be a new screen with few more options and in that have to choose Pin Change Option.



6: Once clicked on that option it will ask you to enter your current pin and then the new pin number you want to set. User need to enter new four digit pin number.

7: After the pin number is changed it will display that “Your pin has been changed successfully”.