Are you preparing to close your bank account.Basically Banks will provide both online and offline banking options.Firstly you need to thank banking process because banking is one of the industry that has embraced the internet with open arms,allowing you to handle all your financial trasactions with just a few keystrokes like online bill payments,electronic fund transfers and mobile deposits etc..,

Steps you need to follow before closing your bank account:

First thing you need to do is check there is no funds available in the account.If funds are available you need to either transfer them to another account or you need to contact the customer service and inform that you are going to close the account.If you are going to transfer your funds decide how you will transfer your money.

If you are transferring your money in a bank branch, you will need your details like account number, bank number and routing number for your new account and you will be charged a some percentage of the amount transferred by your bank.Be sure that you have your personal identification handy,so you can verify your identity.

Ask your bank to issue a check and make sure you have verified the amount in your account. If you are moving from one online bank to another,you should able to transfer your funds through electronically without any physical check.In this process you may expect a delay in the money’s delivery to your new account. Confirm the correct address to which the check should be sent.Some banks may require a formal written request letter.If your account balance is zero,visit your bank official site and follow those instructions.Because these instructions will vary from bank to bank. So banks let you finish everything in online,but some banks will instruct the customers for email request procedure follow instructons according to the banks.Confirm that you have cancelled all bank services with that account.Next deposit your check into your new account.Request verification that your account is closed.