Best Comenity Bank Credit Cards that are Easy To Approve

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Choosing the right credit card certainly depends on personal and financial needs, also, it may consume a lot of time to find your perfect match. You have to underline all your requirements like eligibility, credit line, rewards and hoard of other things. Moreover, having an effortless approval process is the principal necessity.

Getting a credit card of our choice is not always that simple, especially if you have a less-than-stellar credit score. But are there any favourable options that can have your back in this situation? Lets find out.

Comenity is one such credit card issuer that you may be less familiar with. Having a huge customer base of 50 million, this bank is the backbone of 91 credit card programmes offering store branded cards for top US retailers. You have to admire the diverse credit card lineup of comenity bank, this financial firm extends a range of cards which is just suitable for everyone out there.

Wether you’re looking for a reward-earning credit card that funds your next camping or a store-branded credit card that earn cash backs, comenity bank might have just the right card that fits your economic profile. In this article, we have thoroughly introduced the best comenity bank credit cards to help you choose from the extensive range of services this bank offers.

Before continuing further, let us inform you that comenity bank requires a score of 640 or more for approval. Since the average credit of Americans is 40 points above that, these cards are well within reach.

Orbitz rewards visa:

Comenity bank launched this credit card in partnership with travel and booking wecbsite, The best thing about this card is that it has zero annual fees. Orbitz credit card offers rewards in the form of orbucks which can be redeemed only for hotel stays on orbitz website. Cardholders can earn 5% back on flight and hotel bookings made through orbitz card. Additionally, they also get 2% cashback per dollar on spending at any location where visa card is accepted. As a welcome bonus, you will get $100 credit statement on a spend of $1500 in the initial 91 days. Moreover, if you sign up for the orbitz rewards program, you get an additional 1% and 3% back on air and hotel booking respectively.

This card has an APR between 17.99% and 24.99%. Other perks such as travel protection, lost and stolen (upto $3000) coverage, accidental and car rental insurance are also provided by Orbitz credit card. If your a foodie, enjoy 7% orbucks cash at select restaurants once you avail the orbitz rewards dining program.
App users also get also get 10% orbucks back on booking hotels through the orbitz mobile app.

BJ’s club credit card:

The BJ’s credit card card offers exciting deals as long as you don’t mind in-store vouchers as rewards. If you’re a frequent BJ’s purchaser, you can enjoy exclusive in-store benefits, including 3% off on most BJ’s items, 2% cashback on restaurant and gas spending. Cardholders gets a signup bonus of $25 with perks plus card while for perks elite card, it adds up to $50. You can also save $0.10 on every gallon of gas purchased at BJ’s wholesale club, adding up to 4.2% in cash back rewards. For gas you buy outside BJ, the bounty percentage is 2.
At $50 onetime membership fee, you can graduate to the BJ’s elite mastercard, which rakes 5% cashback if you buy at BJ’ store.

Ann Taylor credit card:

Ann Taylor, a high-end women’s apparel company offer customers two types of credit card via the comenity bank – The Ann Taylor card and The Ann Taylor Mastercard. While the former is valid only for purchases at the Ann Taylor store, the Mastercard can be used anywhere mastercard is accepted.

On sign up, you get 15% off as welcome bonus on total purchases made immediately after approval. Also, you’ll earn a $20 credit statement on your pilot purchase. These cards offer a sophisticated way to earn rewards and discounts. You receive robust 5X reward points per dollar spent on branded store purchases, which can be redeemed after reaching the 2000 points mark or $20. Considering this rate, it amounts to 5% cashback.

Other exclusive perks include 15% discount on birthdays and 15% extra off on every first tuesday of month. These rewards can be combined with other promotions and offers. However don’t forget the high APR of 26.74% which will clearly negate the rewards value on untimely payment.

Bed Bath and beyond Mastercard:

Comenity bank’s Bed Bath and Beyond credit card seem to offer an opportunity to earn decent reward point for consistent Bed Bath and beyond shoppers. You get 5% back in rewards when you purchase at Bed Bath and Beyond, buy BABY and Harmon face values using this credit card.
Additionally, the BB&B credit card provides 2% back on gas and groceries while the savings on all other purchases is 1%.
New cardholders get $25 certificate when they spend $1000 in the first 3 months on outside brands. The certificate value increases to $75 on spend of $6000 in initial 6 months. Beyond these rewards, this card also provides you with zero interest on annual purchases above $500 if paid full in 12 months.
The reward points issued by Bed Bath & Beyond credit card can be redeemed for cash once they cross 1000 points.

We have detailed the most popular and best comenity bank credit cards that are not troublesome to get approved if you have a less-than-perfect credit sore. You can also improve your credit and FICO score with the store cards issued by this bank. As you have seen, these cards have zero annual fee and offer amazing perks on shopping at respective retailers. The offers and promotions provided by comenity bank are subject to change over time, hence, it is quite necessary to keep an eye on latest information regarding your favourite stores credit card.

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