Easthampton Savings Bank Review, Location, $200 Bonus & More Info

Easthampton Savings Bank
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Easthampton Savings Bank, a small and well operating bank in the heart of Massachusetts is becoming very popular day by day on the Internet. A lot of messages were coming up on our inbox requesting a short Easthampton Savings Bank review, and here we are with it.

We will be giving a whole lot of information about the Easthampton Savings bank, which include the bank’s operating procedures, the benefits of getting an account in the bank, what are the bonuses and more informations like same or similar benefits which are provided by the other local banks.

Informations Collected After The Easthampton Savings Bank Review

  • Sign Up Offer Page for creating an account in ESB.
  • $200 Bonus Offer Descriptions and Terms (check the pdf file here).
  • Types of AccountsBasic / Getreal / Premier checking.
  • Bank Hours – Check out the Opening hours by clicking on the link.
  • Account Expiry – None
  • Deposits for New Account$10 for Basic & Getreal account type, $100 for Premier.
  • Minimum Funding For Credit Card – $1000.
  • Monthly Maintenance Fees – None
  • Account Termination Fees – You can continue to keep your account for minimum 1 year for availing the full bonus cash by the bank. Otherwise, you have to pay $10 as the termination fees of your account.


In the Easthampton Savings Bank review, we found out that it currently provides a lot of services to its existing customer with added benefits. You can take a look below in the image for a better idea.

If you want to learn more about the products and services of The Easthampton Savings Bank, here they are.


You can avail the following services by Personal checking in Easthampton Savings bank.

  • Get Real Checking
  • Premier Checking
  • Basic Checking.


  • Saving Accounts
  • Certificates of Deposits
  • Money Market Accounts
  • Individual Retirement Accounts


The financial services includes services where you can Consult With the Professionals directly, Get Help for Yourself, check the Bank’s Advisory Services, and also check their Insurance Services.  

There 3 more services which the Easthampton Bank currently provides. They are Lending, Business Banking & Government Banking. You can later check up on them in more brief on the official website.

Moreover, the benefits of getting a bank account in the Easthampton Saving Bank is not limited to these only. There is more which you should know of before getting yourself an account in the bank.


You can get yourself bonus of an amount of $200 directly from the Easthampton Savings Bank by creating any account. These are only limited to the residents of Massachusetts. However there are some steps which you have to follow to get that.

Let’s get started by following the steps.


    • Firstly, you have to open a Personal Checking Account With Easthampton Savings Bank.
    • Get your first $100 Bonus: Activate a $25 direct deposit to your Easthampton savings account or apply to Online Banking and make 5 debit card transaction within the 60 days of creating Easthampton Bank Account.
    • Redeem $50 More Bonus: You have to place 5 bill payments through the online banking and enroll in estatements within the 60 days of opening account.
    • Get A Loyalty Bonus of $50 More: You can earn the last $50 of the $200 bonus provided by Easthampton Savings Bank by keeping your account open for at least a year.

This is it! By performing these simple steps, you will be able to redeem the $200 bonus provided by the ESB. Well, there are some other incentive programs by the bank which you should follow.


Along with the lavish $200 bonus, Easthampton Savings bank also provides its users a refer-n-earn offer of $50 bonus to both referrer and new user. So, when a user opens a new account in the Easthampton Bank with your referral, the user and you both get a bonus of $50 cash.

Great, isn’t it? Want to know how To redeem it?

If you are currently having an account in the ESB, you can easily download the Refer-A-Friend card pdf online from their website or collect it from the local branch. You have to write your name on the card and give it to the person who is opting for a new account. When he or she gives the card in the local branch and creates an account, you both will get $50 cash bonus.


You can consider the benefits for yourself after going through this detailed Easthampton Savings Bank review. Nevertheless, if you will be operating your bank account for only 365 days following the basic guidelines, you can get yourself a bonus of $200 easy money. This also doesn’t requires any maintenance fees for the following. Cope up with the details we have written above once more and let us know your thoughts about it.


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