GM Credit Card Login – How To Login, Get New Account, & Access Password

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Gm card is one of the most famous reward centric credit card system issued by the Capital One organization. Capital One organization acquired GM credit card and its customer based operations back in May  2012 and since then it has been managing its base of operations.


Have you ever wondered why is GM Credit card so much famous? The reason is, Gm Credit card login offers its users an annual rebate in 5% of the whole amount hey have spent through their credit card as in $500 for $10000 USD. Another nice addition to this line would be that the rebate offered by GM Credit Cards is unlimited. The original GM Card is the best ever credit card issued by the Capital One.

The card comes with an annual fees of $39 USD using which you can even buy a car on credit. And the best ever thing about Gm Credit card is, that you can redeem a General Motors car from any car showroom of Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, or Cadillac as per the value of your points which you have collected through their Credit Card System.

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So, there are total 3 types of Capital One GM Credit Cards. They are BuyPower Card, GM Extended Family Card, BuyPower Business Card.

BuyPower Card – Using the GM BuyPower card, you can easily earn 5% of first ever $5000 spend via your credit card each year. After you have spent $5000 through your credit card and have earned 5% of that, that will be decreased to 2% for the rest of the year.

GM Extended Family Card – Using the GM Extended Family Card, you can combine your 1% credit card earning with your own GM employee or supplier. But in order to do so, you need to be eligible.

BuyPower Business Card – Apart from the above two card, by using the BuyPower Business Card, you can earn 5% rewards on each product bought from GM authorised dealers, auto parts, and other GM accessories. Then also you will get 3% reward on each purchase made at gas stations and other places like office supply stores and restaurants.. And for the rest purchases made anywhere, you will get 1% reward for it.

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If you have a Capital One GM Credit card and want to login into your credit card dashboard to check transactions or any other activities, then please follow the below Capital One GM Credit Card Login steps.

  • Go to and click on the login page button which appears saying Current GM Car Members Log in Here. 
  • Otherwise, go to this link by clicking here.
  • To pay your bills and manage your account, you have to sign into Capital One which is appearing on the left side. And for tracking your reward earning and other offers, sign into earnings account at the right side.


You can apply for a new GM credit card from the GM Credit card website. To apply for a new GM credit card out of any available 3, follow the below steps.

  • Go to the GM Credit card Login page which you read about earlier in this page.
  • Or you can directly go to the page, by clicking here. There will be a dialogue box saying “Want To Become a Card Member?”. Click on the link in that box which says Visit BUYPOWERCARD.COM .
  • In the next page on BUYPOWERCARD.COM, you will see 3 different credit card options.
  • Choose one according to your choice and you will be redirected to the page containing apply form.
  • Enter your required details for the Credit Card in the page like Name, Age, Date Of Birth, Email, Address and Social Security Number etc.
  • Follow the rest instructions issued by the official website to get your own GM Credit Card.

Final Words About GM Credit Card Login

This is how you can login into your existing GM Credit Card Login account, even apply for a new credit card and access your credit card dashboard. If you have any doubt about it or any specific queries, shoot right at us. Also, don’t forget to share this article among your friends and others who might find this article useful.

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