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CAPITAL ONE credit card

Do you think it is the time for you to activate Capital One Credit Card? Well, without wasting anymore time, you should get to it. As far as we know, you have made a great decision by choosing the Capital One Credit Card. First of all, the company does provides a hell lot of useful credit card services. There is no second, and you should now know how to activate the Capital One Credit Card.

Capital One Credit Card Activation

Capital One provides 2 types of mediums by which a user can activate his/her capital one credit card. There are online and by call options using which Capital One Credit Card activation can be done. These methods are very fast, secure and easy to do. But you should be more careful about how you do the activations and other credit card related activities, because a little neglect can cause more harm than expected.

Methods To Activate Capital One Card

  • Capital One Activate Card By Online
  • Capital One Activate Credit Card Over the Phone.

Note – Be cautious when performing any of the credit card, debit card or online banking related activities. There are serious risks which can cause you mental and physical trouble if you are not keeping enough precautions.

Capital One Credit Card Online Activation – For US Citizens

There is a dedicated online portal for all new or existing Capital One Credit Card users, where they can activate their newly issued credit cards. In order to avail activation service through the portal, all the users are required to enrolled in the online banking system. If you haven’t enrolled yourself in the online banking system, do right now.

After you have enrolled for the online banking system, you can easily activate your Capital One Credit Card. You will also need to verify by filling the 3-digit code on the back of your credit card.

Steps To Activate Capital One Credit Card

Step 1 – Visit Capital One’s official website by following the give url here :

All the users who are having an old Capital One Credit Card, will need to link the new credit card to the current account. To do so, follow this link : 

Step 2 – After completing step 2, you will see a screen where you have to login to your Capital One account using your credentials such as Username and password.

New users of Capital One who don’t have Capital One accounts, can register new accounts for themselves online by the company’s official webpage here

Step 3 – After the login is successful, users have to enter the 3-digit cvv code at the back side of the credit card as well as the credit card number. After submission of these informations in the official website, the card will be activated automatically and ready to use.

Activate Capital One Credit Card Online

Capital One Credit Card Activation Via Mobile App

Among many features, the credit card activation system of Capital One via Mobile App is another perk which can not be missed. If you are having any kind of trouble while activating your Capital One Credit card online, fear not. You can also activate your new credit card through the mobile app made by Capital One LLc which is available both on Google PlayStore or Apple AppStore for users to download and use.

Mobile users can also text GET to 80101 to receive the app download link in their inbox by which they can easily download the Capital One App.

Capital One Credit Card Activation Over Phone Call – For Canada Citizens

Those who are unable to activate their credit cards using the following steps, can seek assistance by calling in these numbers. The assistance helpline numbers are only dedicated to Canada citizens, and the Automated service will help you out activating the credit card over the phone call.

The automated service is very simple and has so many options including the live customer support. You need to call this toll free number – 1(800) 655-5646 (Canada) to begin activating your credit card.

Apart from Canada users, there is still another option for the citizens of United States to activate their Capital One Credit Card by phone call. The phone number to activate Capital One card in United States is 1(800) 678-7820.


How Do I Activate My Capital One Credit Card?

There are so many ways to activate your Capital One Credit Card like online activation, activation via mobile app or over phone call. You can always choose your preferred method to activate your new credit card.

How To Connect My New Credit Card To My Existing Capital One Account?

Go to this following link to connect your new Capital One Card to existing account. The process is very simple and doesn’t requires that much of geek stuff to work out.

Is Online Activation Process Of Capital One Card Safe?

Of course, the process is total safe. But, you have to look out for possible online thefts which might happen if you are not enough cautious. There are too many frauds on the internet who are waiting to rob all of your money. So, it is always advised that the users should bear minimum cautiousness when performing any online banking related process.

Can I Activate My Capital One Credit Card Without Card?

No! importantly, users have to carry the card while the activation process is going on. They will need to verify details (card number and cvv etc) to the official representatives, that’s why carrying card while activation is really important.

How To Get Capital One App On Android Or iOS Device?

You can easily find the Capital One App on Google PlayStore or Apple AppStore. If you are not able to find those, then you can text GET to this number (80101) to get the download link of Capital One respective to your type of device.

Final Words

Well, having a credit card, that too of Capital One is one of the best thing you can enjoy using. Do not forget to share your experience activating the credit card here so that our other readers can know. Also, if you are having any queries or problems while activating your card, let us know by the comments. We will be happy to help you in activating your credit card.

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