Meijer Credit Card Review 2019 [How to Login ,Apply or Pay Bills]

Meijer Credit Card

Meijer operates its supercenter chain throughout Midwest. The company’s 242 stores and 200 gas stations are spread across Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Kentucky and Indiana.  Wholesale clubs like Meijer are reliable destination for many when it comes to shopping groceries and departmental store goods, such as household items, toys, tools, electronics and even bike tires. If you’re a frequent Meijer shopper, you perhaps might have come across their custom-branded Meijer credit card.

So if you have ever felt curious about whether you could really save some serious dough on your purchases, you’ve landed at the right place. Keep reading this Meijer credit card review to learn more about its benefits, rewards program and disadvantages.

Meijer offer two credit card options to choose from: The Meijer MasterCard and the Meijer Credit card.

The former can be used at all Meijer stores and anywhere else where MasterCard’s enabled outlets, while the latter can only be used at Meijer stores and Meijer Gas stations.


Discounted fuel prices at all Meijer gas stations along with rewards on store purchases were the highest rated points among all Meijer credit card reviews. Surprisingly, both credit cards offer similar features expect for the fact that Meijer MasterCard offers more flexibility with $100 credit bonus on spending a minimum of $1000 in the initial 90 days of issuance.

Even though this is lower than what chase offers, it is much acceptable in comparison to many branded credit cards which offer zero welcome bonus. Moreover, this card can be used at any place where MasterCard is accepted.

The most important and noticeable aspect of both Meijer credit cards is it’s 10 cents discount on every gallon of fuel at all Meijer gas stations, for no minimum purchase. This approximately equals to 3.3% cash back considering fuel purchase exclusively at Meijer gas stations. With American vehicle owners consuming more than 600 gallons of gas every year, this deal can really save a chunk.

Those who like to keep their hand on steering continuously can save even big. Furthermore there’s no cap on how many rewards you can earn, unlike Wawa credit card that allows the usage of $60 worth of free fuel each year.

In addition, you get a $10 in-store certificate automatically delivered to you when you shop for a minimum of $750 at all Meijer outlets. You can either choose ‘paper rewards’ which are limited to 42 certificates each billing period, or ‘digital rewards’ which can be availed a maximum of two times per day.

One thing you need to speculate about is that these certificates can only be redeemed at Meijer stores. Moreover, the certificates are valid up to 45 months from the date of issue, after which they’re garbage. This can be a major downside if you’re not a frequent Meijer shopper.

Meijer credit cards have an APR of 25.24% (variable), comparatively higher than most of the one’s out there. Also, Meijer doesn’t charge any annual fee, but that is typical in case of credit cards these days.


  1. Both Meijer credit cards offers high discounts on Gas.
  2. New customer gets $10 off on their first purchase.
  3. $10 discount across all Meijer Stores.
  4. Cash back on every purchase.
  5. $10 discount on spending a minimum of $750.
  6. $100 statement credit on Meijer MasterCard.
  7. No minimum limit on fuel purchase.
  8. Zero annual fee.
  9. Meijer master cards are globally accepted.


  1. Unsuitable for consumers who rarely visit Meijer stores.
  2. Bonus certificates expire after 45 months.
  3. Reward points are valid only for 12 months.
  4. Cannot combine reward certificates and other discounts.
  5. Limitations on reward tickets and certificates is potential downside.
  6. Certificates can only be redeemed at Meijer stores.


If you’re loyal to Meijer on the gas stations and if you spend a decent amount at Meijer stores, applying for a Meijer credit card or Meijer MasterCard does make great sense. However you must be cautious about the variable high APR, which may shoot up at times. So if you’re thinking to carry forward the outstanding month over month, the rising interest amount might nullify the rewards you earned.

Meijer Credit card fees and charges:

Annual fee Zero
APR for purchases 21.24% to 25.24% (variable)
Grace Period 25 days
Cash advance fee 28.74%
Min Interest charge $2
Late payment fee $38
Return Payment fee $38
Balance transfer fee $10 or 5%
Overseas transaction fees $3


After deciding which card suits your needs, you can proceed further to submit an online application right now. However, a user needs to follow certain prerequisite to be eligible for Meijer credit card. A person must:

  • Be 18 years of age.
  • Have valid US SSN.
  • Be resident of US with permanent mailing address.
  • Have credit score of over 630.
  • Have a valid Government issued ID card.

Make sure to go through terms and conditions before submitting your online application.

So now that you have satisfied all the above criteria, let’s see a step-by-step guide on how to apply for Meijer card

1. Click on the following link and visit the Comenity bank website to apply for Meijer credit card and Meijer MasterCard.

Click here to apply for

Credit card

Click here to apply for MasterCard

2. Once you click on the above link, Comenity homepage will be displayed. Click on the ‘Apply’ button at lower-right corner.


3. Now you will be prompted to provide detailed information regarding yourself. This includes name, address, Contact, etc.


4. Enter all the necessary Information carefully.

5. Provide phone number and email address, you can add alternate email as well. Click on next.

6. Enter your date of birth and other financial details

7. Click on submit button.

Congratulations! You have successfully submitted your Meijer credit card application. An application number followed by its status will be displayed to you. Generally, it may take the bank up to 10 business days to consider your online application, after which you will receive an email with its latest update.


Follow these steps to activate your newly acquired credit card.

  • Visit the Meijer credit card activation link by clicking here.
  • Enter mandatory details like credit card account number, Expiry date, SSN and ZIP code.
  • Click on continue to activate your card.


Once you receive the Meijer credit card on the mailing address, you can register on the Meijer website for online access. After successful registration, a username and password will be generated, you can now use these credentials to log in into your Meijer account.


Click here to perform Meijer credit card Login or click here to login into your Meijer MasterCard account.


Meijer offers a number of convenient options to pay credit card bills. You can make the payment online, by phone, in-store or by mail. However, physical card is mandatory in case of in-store bill payment. Below are the steps to do Meijer credit card payment easily.

  • Sign in to Meijer website using your username and password.
  • Click on the ‘Payment’s tab’ to choose a suitable payment method and click next.
  • Alternately, you can mail the payment to ‘Comenity capital bank, P.O. box 183003, Columbus OH 43218 3003’
  • To pay Meijer credit card bill on your phone, just give a call to 1855-703-4527

If you’re a Meijer enthusiastic and spend ton of money at Meijer outlets annually, Meijer cards can be a great add to your wallet. Purchasing with Meijer cards can definitely score you easy cash back just by using it and paying the bills every month.


Q1.  Who issues the Meijer credit card?

A1.  The Meijer credit card and Meijer Master card, both are issued by Comenity Bank.

Q2.  Are Meijer credit cards worth it?

A2.  This depends on the user. If you are a frequent Meijer shopper and want to earn rewards in number of spending categories, then yes, this card is for you. Our detailed Meijer credit card review will definitely help you to satisfy your nerves.

Q3.  What can I buy with Meijer cards?

A3.  Both the credit cards offer different features. The Meijer credit card MasterCard can be used for purchases anywhere master cards are accepted. However, the Meijer credit card is limited only to in-store and gas purchases.

Q4.  what rewards can you expect with Meijer credit cards?

A4.  Meijer offers a bundle of exclusive discounts to its customers. This includes, gas rebates, discounted purchases at Meijer stores, $10 cashback for every $750 spend and much more.

Q5.  How to Increase my credit limit?

A5. You can do this by calling the customer service line at 1855-703-4527.


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