Ollo credit card review – should you get one?

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When you have a fair or limited credit score, it makes no sense in shooting your expectations and applying for a credit card that demands good or excellent credit. You’ll certainly face rejection, plus the approval for a more suitable card becomes elusive.

Instead, you should go for a credit card that nurtures customers with not-so-stellar credit history, so as to keep positive information flowing into your credit reports. And if you can find one with minimum fees, that’s cherry on the top.

ollo credit card

The Ollo credit card fits this condition with certainty. These simple & plain credit cards are intended for individuals having fair credit range, making it one of the best starter credit card in the market. If you’re having trouble building up an excellent credit score, Ollo offers a chance to strengthen it through consistent payments on daily purchases.  

However, no credit card is perfect! As is the case with Ollo. There are a couple of things holding it back, which might make this card a counterproductive option. In this detailed Ollo credit card review, we are going to outline its benefits, drawbacks, fees and much more.


Ollo is a comparatively new credit card issuing firm established by former executives of capital one and Bank of America.

Fair square financial holdings LLC (company behind Ollo) in association with The Bank of Missouri, provides two type of credit cards to customers: The Ollo Platinum MasterCard and Ollo rewards MasterCard. They both offer distinct features targeting customers according to their financial and personal needs, particularly, those who are below prime market. Additionally, the credit card is also connected to major network, enabling to use your card wherever MasterCard is accepted.  The best thing about Ollo credit card is it’s easy to get with hassle free application process. You get to know if you’re approved within minutes of applying.

It’s important to keep in mind that both these cards are available on an invitation-only basis. This means you can only apply for these cards if you have an invitation code from Ollo.

Let us now see Ollo Platinum MasterCard review and Ollo rewards MasterCard review in brief.

Ollo Platinum MasterCard review 💳

A bad or limited credit can hamper your ability of getting lower interest loans. Hence, it is quite significant that you should start building your credit score as soon as possible. The Ollo Platinum MasterCard is one of the many credit cards that is dedicated towards enhancing credit score of individuals with fair or limited credit.

The Ollo Platinum MasterCard offers a number of benefits that make it alluring to so many customers across the country.



✅ Zero annual fee.

✅ No foreign transaction fee.

✅ No late payment fees and overlimit fees.

✅ Less other fees.

✅ Low credit score required (580 to 700)

✅ US based customer service.

✅ Free online FICO score.


Cons ❌

❌ No rewards program.

❌ High APR.

❌ Needs an invitation from Ollo to apply.


The most outstanding feature of Ollo Platinum credit card is that there is no annual subscription fees. Usually, credit card companies charge anywhere between $20 to $40 every year just to use the card. Unfortunately, this credit card has a high APR of 24.99% (variable) – comparatively higher than average credit card APR. But it is quite normal in case of credit cards that don’t need high credit for approval.

This APR can certainly render high interest rate if you don’t clear your balance in full each month. Though, the interest rates don’t increase in case if you make late payment of your credit card.

Another noteworthy point about Ollo Platinum MasterCard is the fact that it doesn’t have any penalty charges, return payment fee, over limit fees and foreign transaction fees. Due to this reason, this card seems more captivating to customers with fair or limited credit score. 

Ollo also rewards you for good payment behaviour. After you make timely payments within the first five months of approval, you are eligible for a increased credit line. Additionally, this card enables periodic monitoring of free FICO score online through monthly credit statements.

The recommended credit score to apply for Ollo Platinum credit card is as low as 580. You can gradually increase your score if you adhere responsibly to all credit card guidelines.

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Ollo Rewards MasterCard Review

Ollo rewards MasterCard offers unlimited cashback that makes your shopping experience more rewarding, even if you don’t have a presentable credit history. This card, too, is issued by bank of Missouri, under license from MasterCard international. Thus, it bestows you the liberty to use your credit card at any location where MasterCard is accepted. 

Except for certain main differences, the Ollo rewards MasterCard also exhibits similar features as that of Ollo Platinum MasterCard.

Pros ✅

✅ Cashback on daily spends.

✅ Built in security and services for customers.

✅ Zero fraud liability.

✅ 24*7 US Based customer services.

✅ No returned payment and foreign transaction fee.

✅ Credit score required: 580 to 700

✅ 2% cashback on groceries, gas stations and drugstores.

✅ 1% back elsewhere.

✅ Unlimited rewards that doesn’t expire.

✅ Free online FICO score.

Cons ❌

❌ Levies upto $39 annual fees.

❌ Low on rewards and bonus.

❌ Invitation-only application process.


In contrary to the Ollo Platinum MasterCard which was free throughout the year, this credit card charges an annual fee of $39.

Ollo rewards MasterCard holders earn 2% cashback on purchases made at grocery stores, gas stations and pharmacies. In addition, 1% flat cashback is rewarded on elsewhere purchases. That said, if you shop quite often using your credit card, the reward rate can certainly negate the additionally levied annual charges.

Moreover, the rewards accumulated in your account does not expire as long as your account is in good standing. 

How to Apply for Ollo credit cards

Application for both credit cards – The Ollo Platinum MasterCard and Ollo rewards MasterCard are available on invitation-only basis. Although, once you receive an invitation, the further process is quite seamless and straightforward. Let us now see the step-by-step procedure to apply for Ollo credit card.

  • After receiving an invitation mailer from Ollo, you can visit to get your card. Alternatively, you can just click here to apply.
  • On clicking the link, Ollo’s secure welcome page will be displayed.
  • Now enter registration number and access code in the respective fields. The registration number and code can be found on the bottom of the offer letter that you received in your mail.

ollo credit card

  • Once all the information is entered correctly, click on submit to proceed further with the application process.
  • Enter all the necessary details like name, address, Social security number etc. to finally submit your application.


Ollo credit card login

After receiving your Ollo credit card, you can login in to your Ollo account to keep an eye on updates, check balance, make payments and see your rewards. FOllow the below steps to make Ollo card login successfully.

  • Click here to visit Ollo credit card official website.
  • Now a form will be displayed asking you to enter your username and password.

ollo credit card login

  • Enter your username and password in the respective fields carefully.
  • Finally click on the Signin button to make a Ollo login.
  • If all the details submitted by you are found to be in order, you will be redirected to your account homepage within seconds.

How to activate Ollo credit card

To activate your newly obtained Ollo credit card,

  • Visit the Ollo activation website by clicking here.
  • Now a activation form containing all the required fields will show up on your screen.
  • Enter your last name, date of birth and social security number in the respective slots. You will also have to submit the Ollo credit card number and its expiry date.

ollo credit card apply

  • Finally click on next to activate Ollo credit card.

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 Make Ollo credit card payment

You can pay Ollo credit card bill either online or through mail. To make payment through mail, you can send the bill payment to following mail address ✉️ : 

Ollo card services,

P.O. Box 660371,

Dallas TX 75266 – 0371

 Ensure that you enter your full account number and card number on the check.


Ollo also provides cardholders with the facility to pay Ollo credit card bill online. Make Ollo Login to your account using the steps mentioned above to make your credit card payment online.

Alternatively, you can also pay by reaching Ollo customer care services at 1-877-494-0020.

The Ollo Platinum MasterCard and Ollo rewards MasterCard can be a reasonable option for consumers whore having hard time being approved for other credit cards. If you have a poor or average credit history or limited income, this card can definitely prove to be a compelling choice in this credit range.

While there are only few notable features equipped with high interest rate, you might want to consider more suitable credit cards if you plan to carry balance over next month.


Q1. How to get Ollo credit card?

A1. For now, Ollo welcomes applications on an invitation only basis. Unfortunately, there’s no alternative way to apply for Ollo credit card.

Q2. Who issues Ollo credit card?

A2. The bank of missouri in association with MasterCard international issues these credit cards to the public.

Q3. What is the credit score needed for Ollo credit card approval?

A3. This card is basically designed for customers with fair or limited credit history. Anyone having a credit score between 580 and 700 can easily apply for this card. You can refer to the Ollo credit card review above for more detailed answer.

Q4. What is Ollo credit card customer service phone number?

A4. You can reach the Ollo customer service department at 📞 1-877-494-0020.

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