All Working Wells Fargo Bank Routing Numbers List By States

wells fargo bank routing numbers statewise
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Wells Fargo Routing numbers are required when somebody wants to send funds from one Wells Fargo Bank account to another Wells Fargo Bank account directly. If you are thinking these are same as the Swift codes, then you are wrong. Wells Fargo Routing Numbers are not as same as any swift codes.

In this page, the authors have worked hard to get each and every Working Wells Fargo Routing Number of United States. Please don’t forget to share this among your friends if you like it.

What Is A Routing Number?

Routing Numbers were first created by American Bankers Association, that is why they are also known as ABA. The routing numbers consist of 9 digits which help us determining the bank’s name more easily and quickly.

Routing Number go back to the year 0f 1910, where they were used for the first time. Since Routing Number was first created by American Bankers Association, it is also known as ABA. And most of the small banks have only one routing number, since their area of operation is narrow. Apart from that, bigger banks like Wells Fargo has multiple Routing Number according to state wise to run their banking operations and transactions smoothly.

Wells Fargo Routing Numbers List

In below, you can find all the working list of Wells Fargo Bank Routing Numbers and put them to use accordingly. Again we can rest assure that all the Routing Number that you see here are 100% authentic and verified before publishing.

State Routing Number
Alabama 062000080
Alaska 125200057
Arizona 122105278
Arkansas 111900659
California 121042882
Colorado 102000076
Connecticut 021101108
Delaware 031100869
District of Columbia 054001220
Florida 063107513
Georgia 061000227
Hawaii 121042882
Idaho 124103799
Illinois 071101307
Indiana 074900275
Iowa 073000228
Kansas 101089292
Kentucky 121042882
Louisiana 121042882
Maine 121042882
Maryland 055003201
Massachusetts 121042882
Michigan 091101455
Minnesota 091000019
Mississippi 062203751
Missouri 121042882
Montana 092905278
Nebraska 104000058
Nevada 321270742
New Hampshire 121042882
New Jersey 021200025
New Mexico 107002192
New York 026012881
North Carolina 053000219
North Dakota 091300010
Ohio 041215537
Oklahoma 121042882
Oregon 123006800
Pennsylvania 031000503
Rhode Island 121042882
South Carolina 053207766
South Dakota 091400046
Tennessee 064003768
Texas 111900659
Texas: El Paso 112000066
Utah 124002971
Vermont 121042882
Virginia 051400549
Washington 125008547
West Virginia 121042882
Wisconsin 075911988
Wyoming 102301092
American Samoa 121042882
North Mariana Islands 121042882
Puerto Rico 121042882
Virgin Islands 121042882
American Forces Abroad 121042882



Frequently Asked Questions About Wells Fargo Bank Routing Numbers

▶ How to Find Routing Number Wells Fargo?

We have all the working Wells Fargo ABA numbers here. ABA numbers are also known as the routing numbers.

▶ What is my Routing Number Wells Fargo?

Your Wells Fargo Routing number depends on the state your bank is based at. So, find your state where the Wells Fargo Bank is based at, and take the routing number for instance.

▶ What is My Wells Fargo Routing Number?

To find your Routing Number of Wells Fargo Bank, spot your state’s name through this list. Then you can find the routing number.

▶ Where To Find Routing Number Wells Fargo?

At our website, we have all the working Routing Number of Wells Fargo. If you want to find your routing number, then you should visit this page and spot your number.

▶ Can We Use Routing Numbers For Money Transfer Instead of Swift Codes?

No, not exactly. Routing numbers are solely used for domestic transfers throughout the United States country. And meanwhile, Swift codes are used to carry out bigger money transfer purposes which are generally overseas.

▶ How Can I Find My Bank’s Routing Number?

In general, you can try searching or match up the routing number of your bank online with other states Routing Numbers. Or, if you don’t know exactly what to do to find your Bank’s routing number, then you can try installing the Bank’s mobile app, or search website to find the Routing number.

Final Words

Thanks for reading this article about Routing Numbers Of Wells Fargo Bank. We hope that you have found your desired routing number which you were searching for. If you think there is a slight mistake in publishing the routing numbers or they need correction, then you can let us know by the comment. Also, if you have any queries, then we would be glad to answer them. Please don’t forget to share this article.

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